The Reading Nook

A Nook – A small corner, alcove, or recess, especially one in a large room or a secluded or sheltered retreat. 

A great feature in any home. It’s a cozy place of privacy  where you can sit back after a long day and unwind. None of my family have a reading nook in real life but I wish they did. I know when I get my own place in the future I shall have one, even if I never use it! 

reading nook_001

In this large formal living space I wanted to add this nook in the corner of the room. As you walk into this room you will walk right by this feature because it is at the entrance. It adds extra style to this room and gives it more substance rather than being just one huge room with too much space. If you have got space, fill it, that is something I’ve always tried my best to do.

reading nook_002

reading nook_003

It was just some simple construction involved really with the columns. They are taken from elsewhere in the home the same as in the bedroom which I posted a couple of weeks ago. The mirror feature wall behind the sofa is something I’ve used before too, this time I just tinted the glass to two different tones of gold/brown to give it something a little different. I think it works really well and it certain goes with the colour scheme for the rest of the room. 

reading nook_004

reading nook_005

Some simple accessories from APPLE FALL, BAZAR, POST, LISP & ARCTIC GREENHOUSE later, this tiny feature is done and ready to enjoy 🙂

If you have any questions about anything please do not hesitate to comment here on the post or you can contact me via SL or Facebook 🙂 Hope you get inspired!


reading nook_007

This is typical really, I blog something then get another idea to completely change the room. The reading nook gave me an idea to close it off more, so either side of the room I have made two seperate spaces, The Nook and another with the Piano in. This doesn’t just fill space in this huge room, but it creates a great walkway into the room. Love it If i may say so myself 😀 X

reading nook_008


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