A Curved Wall Family Display

This is basically exactly as the post is titled, A curved wall display.

What does it consist of? Well, first of all a round bench and luckily I managed to mod this one just slightly to fit the two walls perfectly. Tint the colour of it a little so it first more with the surroundings and doesn’t look completely out of place, get some photo frames and add some cool family pictures in, throw in a few more accessories and voila. Simple! 

picture display

I think the result is pretty cool to be honest. I love the shape of this display and it feel kind of unexpected. I wanted to colour the frames which are originally from Apple Fall. This added some life to it and made it stand out even more 🙂 

picture display 2_001

So if you have a round wall in your home and don’t really know what to do or what fits, maybe you can do something like this? It’s simple, low prim and it looks great! 🙂


4 thoughts on “A Curved Wall Family Display

  1. I love the room styling, though it wouldn’t suit my place, for one I don’t have a round wall :-). I wondered if you would be so kind as to share where the round bench is from.

    Your recoloured Apple Fal frames are excellent at introducing subtle colour highlights. Apple is doing some really amazing mesh pieces and is a designer and creator everyone should have on their watch list for conew content.

    • Hi Rory!

      Thank you for the comment! The round bench is from a store called Estatica. 1 Prim too and fully mod! They also have a straight bench version which I used in a preview post a couple of days ago.


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