A Colourful Deck Perfect For Spring/Summer!

This is the first decor post I have done for the new Lake House and it will be the first of many to come! 

spring deck_001

The whole idea of this new home concept for us was to be able to enjoy the outdoors. Our last home was huge so downsizing into something smaller but stylish, with an amazing garden full of nature and wildlife was our goal. Rather than being something of a ‘showhome’ we want this to be liveable, vibrant and a lakeside paradise.

color deck_001

The home that suddenly sprung to mind was the Arizona Beach House from BAZAR. Okay, it has ”Beach” in the name and we don’t like on a Beach, we live on a lake, but it works perfectly for what our vision was. 

color deck_002

color deck_003

Originally in this area outdoors facing the lake was a pool. We wanted to get rid of that and make a summer type entertaining deck where we can entertain friends, have parties or even just chill out, but still have an amazing view across the water. 

color deck_004

color deck_005

There was quite a bit of modifying to do to the build but eventually we pulled it off and the results are super. Can’t wait to enjoy this space filled with colour! Accessories used to decorate this space are from ARTILLERI, MUDHONEY, THE LOFT, PETITE MAISON, BAZAR, MELINO STYLE, TARTESSOS ARTS, and a few others! 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to comment here, contact me in world or on Facebook. Hope you get inspired! ❤


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