The Great Outdoors.

This is the Second post for the new Lake House now and as I’ve said before, there were many inspirations behind the layout of this place, but the main was the great outdoors. 




Rico loves the outdoors and I have a lot of family from an area of the UK called the Peak District, which is a very hilly and scenic part of the country. My great granddad has a stunning cottage with an amazing view and it’s perfect for him because he prefers being outdoors than indoors as much as possible. 




Here in Second Life we don’t need to be concerned with weather, so we can enjoy the outdoors so much more with no limitations. Amongst the gardens of this house we have two greenhouses, one is an outdoors seating spot by a small pond. Hidden amongst the trees, it’s a very peaceful space to sit and relax. The second is at the back of the house and was made into an outdoor office. The view of the river was quite inspiring really so it was the perfect spot for a feature like this.



lake garden_003

In the past I think I have done a variety of styles in both decor and landscape. From Glam to outrageous and colourful to calm, each of them I like to keep one thing in mind, Realism. The landscape and outdoor spaces of this land are not meant to be glamorous or in your face, it is meant to be realistic and to give anyone who comes here the feeling of a real environment one could be in outside of SL.



spring table setting_002

In my opinion, you can have the biggest, most stylish and amazing house in the world, but if it is located in swamp or gritty part of town,  it won’t be so pretty. It’s not about the amount of style or how big the home is, if you have amazing surroundings and more importantly, a stunning view, then your onto a winner. A house has a price tag, a view is priceless. That goes for Second Life homes as well. That’s what we tried to capture here ❤


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