It’s More Of A Lifestyle Than A Bedroom.

To create this bedroom, I used furnitures and inspirations from previous homes myself and my hubby have had. The whole Idea of this space was to be calm, neutral and relaxing than anything else. I didn’t want to ‘over do’ this room because it really wouldn’t suit the style of the house. 

bedroom bliss_002

bedroom bliss_003

One thing I love about this bedroom is the giant window which over looks the lake and terrace. Such a great view and very relaxing, like the perfect painting! One of my favourite spots to sit is on the bed looking out of the window. It is what I imagine a view from a real lake house would be like so giving it that realism was important here. 

bedroom bliss_004

bedroom bliss_005

Items used in this room are from various stores across the grid. Most of the plant life in here is from Leezu, also accessories from Tartessos Arts, ARIA, Apple Fall, Meshworx, MudHoney, NotSoBad and of course, Bazar. As the home is from Bazar, some of the pieces from the store work well and you can use quite a few of them without actually finishing up with an identical bedroom to the one decorated at the store.

bedroom bliss_006

I like to think of this bedroom as showing more of the lifestyle choice of this home rather than being just a bedroom. The colours are light and soothing, the variety of plant life bring the outdoors indoors and as I’ve said before, this home is all about the outdoors. So bringing in some of that at any time is great. 

bedroom bliss_007

Very happy with the finished product here! It’s relaxing, stylish plus has a stunning view of the water, not to mention it just feels REAL.

Hope you get some ideas and inspiration from it! If you have any questions about anything feel free to comment here or contact me in world ❤


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