Office With A View.

One of the things I love about the Arizona Prefab from BAZAR is the colour palette. It’s so light and airy, which is great for the feeling I wanted to create here. 

office view_004

office view_001

This room originally was a sauna, which I personally didn’t see any point of for me and my hubby so we decided to turn it into a home office. With all the pieces of furniture and accessories all in there was one change I wanted to make which I though would make the space so much better, and that was to remove the main wall and create a ceiling to floor window. 



office view_002

office view_003

One of the reasons for this is because just outside of the window is a river, which wraps around the side and back of the house so to have a view of this in a workspace would be great, plus, it just looks cool 🙂

office view_005

A bunch of furniture store pieces are used here in this room including APPLE FALL, THE LOFT, TROMPE L’OEIL, ONE GRID, URBANIZD, ABISS, MUDHONEY, MELINO STYLE and BAZAR. 

Hope you get inspired! And don’t forget if you have any questions about anything, just ask ❤


3 thoughts on “Office With A View.

  1. hi, may I ask where you got the desk? I don’t like many in SL this one looks perfect…and I love your designing your the best!

  2. hehe great idea 🙂 thanks again…and I think I will hire you soon as I am back in SL full time 🙂 so excited about you doing that…

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