Comfort Living.

Well, I had a nice little break from blogging across the weekend but now back to it! My last few posts have been of our new home, The Lake House, so I’m continuing this today with the main living space of the home. 

new living _001

living room_007

Earthy Tones make this room relaxed & comfortable. A lot of people in Second Life have this prefab home from Bazar, so It is important to really put your stamp on it and make it as unique as possible so it doesn’t just seem like, another prefab being used. When we situated the house we made sure this room in particular would get great views out of the main window right in front of the seating area and another from the huge side window. Out of one, we have the lake and deck and other the side we have the pool which we added on. Just gives this room a different feel and another great benefit of using it! 

living room_006

living room_005

living room_004

The concept of this space was to be spacious, tiny accessories here and there, nothing too overboard. Realism is something I always want to grab when creating a home. As for the furniture, yesterday after a visit to Collabor88, I saw the Charlotte Sofa by LISP Bazar and knew immediately it should go in our living room! At 188L, I’m sorry, but that is a steal. Such great quality and it works so well in here. Maybe my new favourite sofa now 😀 

living room_001

living room_002

living room_003

Accessories in this room are from a whole bunch of stores including Tartessos Arts, NotSoBad, The Loft, BAZAR, Post, iTuTu, Urbaniz’d, Apple Fall, Lisp Bazar, Trompe L’oeil, Mudhoney and a few others! Another cute little feature in this home are the two dates above the doorway. Looking at it, you probably wonder what it is, but basically after I bought this mesh letter and number set, I thought it would be nice to put two significant dates in mine and my hubby’s relationship so far. The day we married in Second Life and the day we first met in Real Life 🙂 Thought it was a cute little thing to add and will spark curiosity for visitors.

Hope you get inspired and if you have any questions about anything, as always, do not hesitate to ask by commenting here or contacting me anywhere you can find me! 


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