Pool Extension Landscape.

I’m sorry, but yes, it’s another swimming pool post 😛 I know I did one not long ago but since we changed homes I missed out swimming pool so HAD to add one onto this house. Although, it was a bit more trick than I thought it would be.



I wanted to make it look like it was already part of the house more than anything else, so I had to play around with textures, copy prims from other parts of the house and all sorts to get that look. Ideally, I wanted to have the walkway out onto the pool through the giant glass window which leads out/into the living room. However when I tried to raise one piece of the glass to create a doorway, It wouldn’t let me walk through it, even on phantom. I’m not a build expert so no idea why, anyway I had to find a solution and that was to create a walkway coming from the balcony at the back of the house. I must admit, I actually like this better. 



Used a lot of inspirations from our previous home including the vine pergola over the pool and the outdoor bathtub which is raised to give an amazing view of the lake in front of the house. 



I will add that the Tea Set and Tray you see in the picture here is new from End Of Daze. I saw it just before I took these pictures and loved it! Tea by the pool? I think I will 😛

Hope you get inspired and if you have any questions, let me know! 


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