A Bathroom Made For Sex!

After taking a little break from SL, I came back and wanted to do something with the bathroom of our home. It was lacking something…sex appeal. I took everything out, re textured the whole place and created something unique. 



Whilst doing this room I was listening to Aerosmith and letting my inner Rock N Roll out on it. Red will always be the number one sexy colour in my eyes, so mixing that with deep wood was the way to go. 



As this is a BAZAR house, I wanted to use some of her items for the main pieces in this space. The Bathtub which I modified into something a little different. I also edited the glass window behind it to make it huge and used copies of the glass to place over the fires as a tiny detail. A bathroom with a view is for me, the dream bathroom so creating it here is great! 



Bathrooms in Second Life…what REALLY is the point to them? A little like kitchens really, they serve no purpose and are only there for display purposes. However I believe if you make it look super unique, sexy, stylish and just, different, it will be a room you actually WANT to spend time in no matter what it is.  

The rest of the accessories here are from Tatty Soup, MudHoney, The Loft, Tartessos Arts, BAZAR, Dutchie and a few others. It looks nice in the pictures, but far better in person! 

Hope you get inspired and if you have any questions, let me know 🙂


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