The Main Room .

The Main Room is the only thing I can think of to describe this giant space. Kitchen, Dining and Living in one to give it that open plan, modern feeling. 

There were many inspirations for change on our land after our recent open house and something modern, different and an almost renovated country cabin type home was the idea. We came across this home by chance actually at FANATIK. No idea if it is new, never saw it before until the other day and knew this was the place. I already had this vision in my mind of how this grand room would look, so I carried that out. 

dining table_003

dining table_008

The idea of this giant fireplace and sofa was to be the real centre piece of this room. Such a relaxing and cosy environment, even if the room is massive! Luckily, The Loft has released a PERFECT sofa set where you can basically build it yourself to whatever size you want. That is very ideal here because I needed the sofa to be a custom size to fit exactly to the fireplace. 

dining table_004

dining table_007

Today, I was hanging out with ChooChoo Sierot, who is the creator of one of my Fav stores at the moment, ONE GRID. I use a lot of her items because they are different and generally cool! She showed me these brand new chairs she was planning to release soon and I think my excitement made her release them quicker haha. I knew they were perfect for our dining chairs. Modern, different and sexy! 

dining table_009

dining table_011

Hope you like this room. Not sure when I’ll blog next but I hope this gives you a taste into the new place we have here. Can’t wait to show you more! ❤


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