Some Under-rated Stores

You know, I get a lot of people coming to me and asking where to get certain things. I always reply with, ”well where have you been already?” and it is always the same stores over and over. I’m not saying those stores are not good because they are amazing, but there is more out there you know?

Bubble Chairs from ARIA.

Bubble Chairs from ARIA.

There are two or three in particular which I find to be so under-rated and I’ve got no idea why. ONE GRID, an amazing store with high quality Mesh to fit many styles. ARIA, one of my favourites for such a long time and in my eyes, one of the best on the grid, period. 

dining table_009

These Chairs are from ONE GRID and I LOVE THEM!

When someone says to me I cannot decorate, I often think to myself well if you went to some different stores instead of going to the same old places over and over for things, maybe it would not only make it more exciting for you, but you can do a whole lot more. 

There are a few stores that I love but I don’t feel get enough credit for the amazing items they produce. ARIA, ONE GRID, END OF DAZE, TARTESSOS ARTS just to name some of them. All fairly new besides ARIA, but right up there. Even LEEZU has a home department which is incredible! 

Lounger from ARIA

Lounger from ARIA

If you have never checked them out, please do. And don’t just do the stores named here. Half of the fun in world is venturing across the grid and coming across new places. Try and find new stores in your free time, you might be surprised with the results and it will probably give you a little more motivation to do something with the items! 



One thought on “Some Under-rated Stores

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. There are lots of stores that are not named brand per say that go beyond the ones you have mentioned that have the most cutest stuff. Glad to have discovered your blog as I love to decorate as well.

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