Can You Tell I Like Offices Yet?

I have designed and blogged so many offices now that I’ve lost count. I just love them, it is one of my favourite rooms, Especially if it is a home office. It is such a personal space and you can add so much style to it. 

room before_006

room before_008

There were 2 rooms in our newest home from FANATIK which I wasn’t happy with at all. They were decorated and all, but I hated it. It was so boring and dull. So yesterday, I got my thinking cap on and basically used the room as a canvas to create whatever I could come up with it. 





I already had the idea in my head to build a structure inside of the structure, if that makes any sense. I also did the same thing for the bedroom which I shall be blogging this week too. The colour pallet was going to be the attention grabber here. White, ORANGE and Black.

room before_009

Again, using this amazing Sofa from THE LOFT created the centerpiece of the entire space. To build the walls and features in this rom I just used simple prims and gave them a lacquered shine look . I don’t class myself as a builder or someone who can texture that great, but I wanted to show the possibilities of using simple prims and just, playing around and creating whatever! 

room before_007

I hope you get some inspiration from this room and if you have any questions about anything at all, please let me know by commenting here or contacting me on FB or InWorld ❤


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