A Simple Bedroom Design.

Not everything I do will please everyone or suit their decor and design tastes, but I think that is a good thing. I like to do as many different styles as I can, but I only do them when I’m feeling inspired and I’m in a ”phase” I guess we could say. 




This bedroom is a little different. Similar to the Office I blogged a few days ago, I built a structure inside of the prefab to not only make this room have a different vibe, but simply to see what I could come up with. 

bedroom design_001

I am not a builder at all, but I wanted to see what basic prime could do to a room and how it could somehow, change it’s style and atmosphere. I wanted the bedroom to be modern, simple, clean and fresh. Simple prime are ideal for that and I thought it would be nice to show readers what ANYONE can do with a few prims if they at least try. 

bedroom design_002

bedroom design_007

The main colour scheme in this space is Black and Whites, with a few touches of Orange that will link the space up well with the office. 

As always. if you have any questions about anything please just let me know, or comment on the post ❤

This bedroom is located in the Bluebell Fields Home which is currently having an open house until Monday. Feel free to come and explore the room in world and see it better. SLurl is pasted below ❤



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