Something A Bit….Real

This post is a little different to what I normally would design and blog. It doesn’t really have a glam factor or anything, it is more of something I was inspired to do through my Real Life and growing up.


My Grandparents used to have quite a large house, but it had a tiny garden. I used to go crazy in that garden as a kid, playing football..or Soccer, depending on where you’re from 😛 I always wanted my own football field because the space just wasn’t big enough. The big kid inside of me still wants one today and those memories of that small but tranquil space of fun inspired me to do something similar in our garden inworld. 



It is not glamourous, it is not fancy, it is just…real. Tucked away at the back of our house behind the wrought iron gates is a secret hideaway. A great place to relax and just sitting in it makes me feel good. 



My hubby loves his gardens and outdoor spaces too, so I know he will be spending a lot of time in it. I even managed to put a football goal in it 😛 


I think everyone needs those particular spaces to go, be yourself and just let go of everything in the world. This is definitely one of those spaces. It is like in RL, whether your home is huge or small, stylish or not…you LOVE it and it is the one place in the world you always want to be or go back to ❤

Some items featured in this post are the Floorplan Gazebo at Callabor88, LISP Table and Chair Setting also at Collabor88 and a few others! If you want to know where anything is from or have any questions, just let me know ❤


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