[AF] Apple Fall OPEN HOUSE – Mid Century Design Sale.

My fellow Brit Buddy Apple Fall invited me to go over to his new home and take pics ahead of his upcoming Open House which shall be opening it’s doors to the public on WEDNESDAY, MAY 23RD 2013. 

fall open house_002

fall open house_006

It is the first of it’s kind, as Apple is not only have a design open house, but everything inside the house is created by him and is part of his new Mid Century collection, therefore, you can purchase the items you like. 

fall open house_004

fall open house_003

I loved the simplicity of the items and as always, they are created and textured with such skill and realism. These are just some pics that I snapped and I do hope you get time to go over and check the place out. I am not sure how long it is open till, but it opens tomorrow. 

fall open house_005


OPEN NOW! LM here ❤ ♥http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Seaside%20Drive%20West/100/230/38


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