A Summery Setting Ready For A Feast

When Summer arrives, for most people, so does the colour! Pretty flowers, great smells and lots of outdoor dining! 

outdoor dining_001

I’m lucky enough to have been to some great places in the world and experienced all kinds of weather, but in my homeland, The UK, the Sun is something that is worshipped when it finally comes out to play. I have fond memories of being a kid and the sun shining during the School Summer Break. We would have BBQ’s as many times as we could during a week and eat outside. It was great!

outdoor dining_003

I would always help my grandma lay a colourful spread across the table to make the place come alive. In fact, when I visit, we still do the same exact thing! Those special sunny days with family should never be taken for granted. 

outdoor dining_004

The other day, Apple Fall opened up his home where he is also selling the furnitures inside as part of his new Mid Century Modern Collection. Myself and Rico visited again yesterday and bought a whole bunch of great stuff for our home, in particular, the key items to this outdoor dining area. 

outdoor dining_005

Other accessories used are from MudHoney, The Loft and the giant paper lanterns were found on the Marketplace and are 1 prim each! 

Hope you get inspired! If you have any questions about anything, please just let me know ❤


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