Welcome to Malibu <3

Inspiration could not have come at a worse time. We are currently running the Stand4Love campaign, and although it is going amazingly well, it is extremely busy but when I get inspiration, I have to run with it. So, needless to say, it’s been a rather hectic few days managing time between the campaign and the new home and land design. Good news is, IT IS DONE! ❤

malibu home_005

malibu home_006

In November last year, Charlotte Bartlett of Scarlet Creative came to me and said she wanted to do a prefab inspired by me and my design ideas/thoughts. Whilst being a little taken a back that she asked me, I was mega excited! I have had to sit on this news for just over 6 months and now the prefab is finally out at the SL Home & Garden Expo 2013!! 

malibu home_007

malibu home_009

I love buildings that have been renovated in someway, something that is just different to the rest. Charlotte really pulled out all the stops on this and it is super amazing! When I first saw a picture of the home I ran to my hubby and told him my idea for our summer home. First, the inspiration was the island of Mykonos. I love how everything is on the hillside with a superb water view. That is something I wanted here and I had a very clear vision. The other inspiration was Malibu, California. The ocean front homes, the trees, the colour and rich living. Great views, amazing sounds, colourful landscape gardens, clean and fresh furnitures and a simple relaxed feel.

malibu home_008

After a tireless weekend of us both doing this, the final product is here. Still a few tiny pieces to add inside the home and around the garden but it is 99.9% done now and we can finally chill out and call it HOME. 

malibu home_010

I hope these snaps give you a feel of this place. I must also add that I used two of the ”For Edi” prefabs and joined them to make one big house. I shall do interior blogs and shots in the coming days and weeks. We shall also be opening up the land when the campaign has settled down a bit.

Hope you all get inspired and check out the prefab! SLurl to the Expo is HERE. Have any questions? Feel free to ask me ❤


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