Beach House Dinner Table

I’m excited, because this is the first interior post of the new Malibu Inspiration beach house. Although I kinda used this dining set up in the previous home, it was done the day we re-designed the land so decided to bring it over to this home but change it a little. 


dining room_002

The colour scheme inside the entire house is White, Golds, Browns. The prefab as I mentioned in my last post is from Scarlet Creative and called ‘For Editorial Clarity’. The room where this dining room was created is actually where I linked the two homes together. Before, there was an indoor pool here but as a dining room it is perfect. 

dining room_001

dining room_003

It is clean, fresh, cosy and has spectacular views of the Ocean, as does every room in the house. That was important for this beach house and it really does work. I cannot wait for me and Rico to host some inworld dinner parties at this new place, it will be great!

dining room_004

The vibe as you enter the room is so laid back and chilled, it’s perfect for living by the ocean. The table and chairs are from Apple Fall as are the great Hydrangeas in the glass vases. The plates are from The Loft as part of another dining set and so are the bowls, I just filled them with some pine cones to give it a little more detail. With the addition of a fruit plate from Dutchie and a simple table runner made by myself, the room is done. Oh yeah, and the two giant paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling are from the marketplace. Love them! ❤

dining room_005

Hope this gets you inspired to create something or just gives you some ideas as to how this new home is and what to expect from the other rooms. All is designed and finished now, just need to blog them all over the coming weeks before we have our open house. 

Any questions? Just let me know here or inworld ❤


One thought on “Beach House Dinner Table

  1. I have noticed that you use the dinner place setting with Pear in several builds. This is very sophisticated. Who makes this place setting? Thank you. Can’t wait to visit the open house

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