A ”Whatever” Space.

Ever have those whatever rooms in your house and you just don’t know what to do with it, well this is kinda one of those spaces at our home so I decided to make it into a small social area. 

beach living_001

It lies in the middle of the home, between the dining room and main entrance. It has some great views of the windows and it is a nice space. It has a very simple and clean decor, just like the rest of the home and is a nice place to just sit and chill alone or even with a friend. 

beach living_002

beach living_003

Aria bubble chairs bring the focus onto the amazing fireplace from Apple Fall, which fits perfectly in this house. Another main focal point is the giant ruin head statue sitting in the corner. A very different yet awesome piece of art to display indoors. 

beach living_004

beach living_005

This blog is quite short and sweet text wise, so I’m hoping the pictures speak the words 🙂 

Hope you get inspired and if you have any questions about anything in this post or previous posts on our beach home, feel free to ask me ❤


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