Upper Floors Of The Converted Chapel Inspiration.

In both lives, you could have the biggest house ever but there will only be a small section or a couple of rooms that you ACTUALLY use and live in. This area of our home is probably that section.

upper floor_001

upper floor_002

The upper floors comprise of three different spaces. The bedroom, the study and a little tea nook/reading area. Each room have a wonderful view of the ocean and scenery and work well together. 

upper floor_003

The Bedroom, a place not only to sleep, but a place to kick back, let the worries of the world fade seem distant in your mind as you watch the Ocean Waves out of the window, the Gulls fly by as they look for food…nature at it’s best. A bedroom is a space to feel relaxed, probably the most important and personal room in any home. A sanctuary, a haven. When we first got the landscape finished and work began on the decor, Apple Fall came over to our home and I told him I needed something to fill this bedroom space a little more. He came up with the idea of maybe making a low bookshelf to the height of the glass bordering the room. I liked that idea and when he left I built one…turned out pretty good and really works well! 

upper floor_004

upper floor_005

upper floor_006

The little Tea/Reading Nook. A hideaway, the perfect place to grab a book or wake up in the morning and take a few steps with your partner for breakfast and a browse at the morning newspapers. And then we have the study. A place of work, a place to get the daily chores done but they are not considered ”chores” when you have such a wonderful view out of the converted chapel window. It is a PLEASURE to be in such a space.

upper floor_007

upper floor_008

I hope you get inspired by these rooms and this space. If you have any questions about a particular item, please just let me know here or inworld and I’ll give you everything I know about it ❤


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