Grab Some Popcorn, A Blanket, And Let’s Snuggle In The TV Den.

I have mentioned a few times before that watching TV at home in world is one of my favourite things to do. It never fails to relax me. Whether it is Second Life produced TV shows or streaming a movie, I just love it! 

tv room_002

tv room_001

If me and Rico get time, we love to snuggle together and watch a movie at our home in world. He prefers the romantic love stories whereas I tend to go for the Comedy and Horrors. No matter what we watch, it is a great way to spend time and immerse yourself into the virtual lifestyle aspect of Second Life. 

tv room_003

tv room_005

A TV room is something we usually have in our homes and this one is no different. It is not a huge, tacky, show off movie theater type room, it is more of a small separate lounge with a large TV! I hate rooms in a home when they are made to look like commercial theaters, ugh..I find it tacky personally. It’s just not cosy at all and for my personal taste, a TV room should be a place that is cosy and warm, not a place where I feel I have to pay for a ticket in my own home!

tv room_004

tv room_006

Staying with the colour scheme of the rest of the house, very clean, very fresh. Not only is this space hidden on the upper floor, it also has amazing views of the ocean outside of the giant windows that surround it! The sofa in this room is from Y’s House, just copied to make it into a larger piece. Accessories to decorate the room are from a bunch of stores including Urbaniz’d (Now closed), Y’s House, The Loft, Apple Fall & Melino Style.

Hope you get inspired and if you have any questions, just ask ❤


6 thoughts on “Grab Some Popcorn, A Blanket, And Let’s Snuggle In The TV Den.

    • Probably in 2 weeks or so? We are busy with Stand4Love work at the moment, and I’m slowly blogging each area of the house along the way. So, maybe towards the end of the month sometime 🙂 Shall announce it when it’s open 🙂

  1. Amazing as always, even though I love the commercial looking tv rooms, but that is because I love the feel of a cinema I just don’t want to stand in line for a ticket and then listen to the people next to me talk throughout the movie.

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