I Think The Garden Is Quite…Quaint.

Another swimming pool you say? Umm helloo…this is Malibu, well the inspiration for this place was anyway! When my grandparents lived in California, we went to Malibu a lot, and I doubt there are many at all without pools in their backyard.


google earth_003

The smell from the different variety of trees, the birds chirping in the background and in this peaceful, idyllic space of the house, you can still hear the ocean waves.



When doing this garden, we took inspiration from our previous home, BlueBell Fields. The tiny nooks and crannies here and there, places to sit and read a book and areas to entertain friends and have a garden party. The garden is tiered, and we have a small area of bluebells leading up to the top of the mountain. We loved them on our previous land, so there was no doubt about adding them in the landscape here somewhere.


google earth_002

The pool, from Apple Fall, is the perfect centerpiece in this garden. Around the pool we have a large patio/entertaining space with a BBQ from Artilleri and a seating area from LISP. Trees and plants surround this space making it not only private, but mega relaxing!


The views from certain areas of the sim are just stunning, no matter what windlight you are on. I personally love the sunsets on this sim, it just looks awesome.

Hope you like this little spot. ❤


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