An Outdoor Living Room.

An Outdoor Living Room? Well, yeah, it is basically exactly as the title says and it’s great!

At the side of our home, next to the steps that lead onto the beachfront, I decided to do something with a tiny area so built a garden extension. In that location, you get a stunning view of the beach and ocean below so to have some sort of outdoor seating area there was a must!

outdoor living room_001

Using the Mathis Sofa set from The Loft, I basically created an outdoor living room, but no television of course. Who needs an outdoor TV when you have such a great and peaceful view right before your eyes?

outdoor living room_002

This is a great and relaxing area to sit with friends, have a gathering or even find peace on your own and get on with some work. Little spaces like this, hidden away in gardens area really awesome to do. If you have an area on your land to do such a thing, I highly recommend it!

outdoor living room_003

This is just a very quick post today, mainly because I haven’t had time to post in a week, but I’m also travelling to Chicago tomorrow so not sure when I can post again. However, we will be having an open house very soon, in the next few weeks probably, for the Malibu Beach Inspiration Home. This post is also part of that home 🙂

More to come soon but in the meantime I hope you get inspired! If you have any questions about anything in particular, just let me know! ❤


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