Creme Anglaise.

This is my first new decor for a month or so. For those who do not know and are wondering why my blog is very quiet recently, I’m currently with my hubby in Chicago having the time of my life. So, not spending a whole lot of time in world for now, but getting back to it slowly when I’m bored 🙂

living room_001living room_002

For a little while now, before the recent Open House actually, I have been wanting to re design out main living room into something different. When we first did all the landscaping and setting up of the house, this was the final room left and we were just too tired to carry on so we basically put whatever was in our old home, into this room and left it. It looked nice, but to me, it wasn’t complete.

living room_007

living room_003

 Tonight I got inspired to do something and again, used lots of creams, whites and browns to tie it in with the rest of the home but make it a more closed off room from the rest of the home. I used curtains as a doorway to do this. It’s a small, cozy and classy living space and the perfect spot to unwind with the TV on, a good book or to chat with friends.

living room_005

living room_004

I have used items from various stores for this room, but the main features are the Sofas from 22769 [Bauwerk], the coffee table (2 together) from The Loft and the TV Cabinet, also The Loft. If there is something in this post you like and want to know where it is from or have any questions at all, let me know and I’ll get back to you with the answer 🙂

Hope you get inspired!


4 thoughts on “Creme Anglaise.

  1. I love this room , so inviting. Is this a new house? and may I ask where do the curtains come from? Congrats also to you and your hubby 🙂

    • Hi! No, this is the Malibu Home we opened up recently, I just re-did the main living room 🙂 The Curtains are from Tatty Soup. I love them because they are mod, so I increased them. Some curtains when you make them big they look bizarre, but these ones work well to re-size 🙂

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