The Collectibles

On a regular basis I find myself going through my inventory and pulling things out that I had completely forgotten about, until I see it again that is. Some of them look so old that I do not use them anymore, but there are a few treasures that were created long before mesh, that look incredible even now! 


I guess you could call me a Second Life ”Hoarder” of furniture and anything else that you can stick in a home. I have so much stuff now it’s ridiculous and I never like to delete any of it. I always find things can be used somewhere, somehow. The rezzing of these items makes the home feel exactly that…A HOME, not just the same old decorated prefab everyone else has got. It makes it personal, and it is those personal touches that make it shine above others.


I love reading old books on Decorating and looking at the pictures. I have always been inspired by the spaces that really look ”cluttered”, but really it is far from the truth. All of the treasures they have found over the years whether they have travelled the World or they are an addict of local flee markets….everything is placed out with careful precision and detail. I love it! To be surrounded by all of those memories. That is how I personally feel with some of the stuff in my inventory. Do you?


Everything has a memory, everything has a purpose. If you find something in your inventory that you love and want it in your home, do it. I was told once by a friend in Real Life who is in the Design business. ”It doesn’t matter if you mother, your grandmother or your friend doesn’t like it, it matters if you like it and if you like it, that means someone else will like it”. 

Hope you get inspired and if you have any questions about where a particular piece is from in the pictures, feel free to comment ❤


I wanted to share a question I was asked on my Facebook in regards to prims and the obstacle we all face with them. 

”Edi, talk to me about prims. I love your designs, but I’m living in a friends house, so I have a limited number to play with. When I decorate it, I always feel good with the details I put in, and the feeling the room gives me, but when I compare it to your designs, there is a LOT of empty space. How can I improve that without losing tons of prims or creating an obstacle course for guests?”

MY ANSWER: ‘‘Well, prims will always be an obstacle unfortunately  Good thing is, many designers are making mesh items now that are less prim. Apple Fall is a good example. Many of his items now are 1prim, which is amazing. Other designers are too. One thing I always tend to do, which may not be everyones cup of tea, but If I find a room boring or bare and can’t do much else with it…Add a funky wall paper and rugs. Low prim way of making a place more alive”

I am also going to do a little bit of Shameless Plugging here now too. The Love to Decorate Flickr Group is really a great place to check out if you are a visitor to the photo sharing site. There you will discover so many new stores and see new releases from your favs! 


4 thoughts on “The Collectibles

  1. I enjoyed reading this post. It really conveys how I feel about my inventory, specifically, my furniture folder. I still appreciate and use things I intially bought or acquired in some way. Great suggestion on using wall paper and rugs as a way to liven up the place. I think adding your own touch adds depth and personality to your home. I’ve had many mishaps in texturing the whole house instead of that one section of the wall!

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