My ”Inspiration Rooms”

nans room sample_003

I had a burst of inspiration today and just HAD to play around and create something in world to make me happy. From time to time, I create what I call ”Inspiration Rooms”. Basically, these are just box rooms with a certain decor inside that fits my mood at the present moment. I find they help me with colour balance and also seeing how certain pieces work with each other. A very geeky thing to do, but I love it and created a new one today inspired by World Travellers. 

I’m currently working on my first real design job in the Real World and the clients tend to travel a lot. I myself am travelling a lot lately, especially visiting my hubby in the States, so this played a big part in my inspiration today. I always hate the question ‘How would you describe your style’. My style changes so much. In the space of a week I could be feeling for three or four completely different moods. My style is MY style, simple as that. It represents my current mindset and interests. 

My tip today, if you don’t already do it and are willing to give it a try is – If you are preparing to decorate a new home and want it to be amazing, pre-plan it. It may sound boring, but playing around in an ”Inspiration Room” such as this will really help you build a colour pallete and styles to work with it. I think it would make the actual Decorating process much more smooth and easy.

If you are interested to know where a particular piece in this set is from, just let me know in the comments below and I’ll find out for you ❤


7 thoughts on “My ”Inspiration Rooms”

  1. I totally love the table, in fact I love all you decorate,, many times I wish I knew all creators in SL so that I could go get stuff for my house.. I really love to decorate and follow your posts everytime you give one 🙂 Hugs from MarionPhoebe Heart

      • I totally do love that,, And I have to tell you that when you came with your autumn post, I wanted so much to find out if you were gonna have an open house again,, I totally loved it the time, I think it was this summer, or maybe it was during the spring,, bad memory,, but I loved that me and my wife could come see all the stuff you had made work so good together. Kind of makes me all so jealous that I don’t have the same gen as you 🙂 I love working with details when it comes to the insides of a house, but after seeing what you can manage to have a house look on the inside,, I know that I have so much more to learn, I guess that’s why I keep watching your blog 🙂

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