Exotic and Lots of Spice In The Bedroom

This is the first room blogged from the new apartment in which the OPEN HOUSE next week shall take place. So many words come to my mind when I see the final product of this room. Some of you may look at this and be totally grossed out, which is fine, and some may look and love it. All depends on tastes and if you are willing to open your mind to something new, fun and wild! 


I had a lot of inspiration when doing this apartment, but the bedroom in particular was always going to be the ”key” room for me. I have a number of books in Real Life focussed on homes and decor from the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s which I read quite often or even just look through the pictures. One thing I noticed in a lot of the homes is lots of crazy wall coverings. Patterns galore! I love that and I knew it was something I could bring into this particular bedroom I was designing. 


new apartment_006

I was browsing through some of my favourite texture folders in my inventory and found this great carpet print which I immediately knew was the one to plaster on the walls. It has got that Wild and exotic look I hunting for. The pieces of furniture are from a bunch of different shops across the grid, most notably Tartessos Arts, which is a great shop if you love the Asian or Ethnic look in your home. My hubby is from Asia originally so he was an inspiration in some ways, but I think this room is a huge mixture of cultures all thrown together. 


I know it is a pretty crazy room and for sure and acquired taste, but In my honest opinion I think everything works in harmony together and that is what I was happy with in the end. It is actually one of my favourite rooms I’ve ever decorated. Whether you like it or not, I hope you appreciate it and it opens your eyes into something ”different” for your home. Maybe it will get you to try some new things out yourself? 

You will be able to visit this room next week when we hold our OPEN HOUSE, so you can have an up close and personal view then! Until then, Hope you get inspired! If you have any questions about anything, just ask in the comments below! ❤


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