Up The Curly Wurlys

First of all, I suppose I should explain the title of this post. My Grandma has always called the stairs the ”curly wurlys”. No idea why, but I have always remembered since being a kid the name she gives them…and still does now! That name seemed fitting for this post as these stairs remind me of hers so much.


entrance teaser_001

This Apartment is not huge, but it is a good size. The stairway area is the entrance I guess you could say. The first thing people see when they arrive in the place, so I feel it should have just as much love and detail put into it as every other room has received. As far as textures go in here, I didn’t change much. The floor is still the same and I just tinted the walls to a Teal type colour, accented in Reds, Yellows and Blacks. 



This was the room I basically just played with, without much inspiration other than ”Lots of Pictures”. I didn’t want this to JUST be an entrance, but a separate room of the apartment to hang out, relax and play. At the top of the stairs you will find a small Movie Lounge. A place to sit, relax, unwind and watch a good movie. There is also a small work area near the door that leads into the bedroom. 


Wherever you are in this space, you are surrounded in memories. Pictures from Fashion Teller Books me and my Partner have produced, Magazines displayed above the door we have had the pleasure of being in and so much more. I’ve said it many times and I will always say it, the little details and touches like that really change the atmosphere and make it a home. 


Whether it is a cup of tea with a friend by the fire, a group standing around the piano having a great time, walking up the stairs to bed or simple watching some SL TV…this is a great space to be in! 

You will be able to see this room when this Apartment opens it’s doors on Wednesday. I will give more details out tomorrow. If you have any questions about anything at all in this post, please ask in the comments below. Hope you get inspired! ❤


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