Sunny-Side Up!

I have to thank Rico for the title of this post, I think it works really well with what it is all about! Bright, Airy, Modern with splashes of Yellow and Teal! A great place to come for your morning breakfast. I always think of these colours as very cheery and uplifting, so using them altogether in this space was fun!

kitchen blog_002

I wouldn’t really call this a glamorous kitchen or as adventurous as the rest of the apartment. It is a small, compact and typical Apartment kitchen, I have just tried to style it up a bit but still keep it simple. It has a very cozy vibe and has enough room to seat a few friends for some at home entertaining too…something I wish me and my partner had time to do more of!!

kitchen blog_001

kitchen blog_003

The real showpiece for me in this kitchen is the dining table. It has by far the most life and really grabs the attention. Flowers, Ivy Decoration along the length of the table and an array of different candles. Very happy with how it turned out and think it looks very welcoming. 

kitchen blog_004

Main features in this room are the APPLE FALL Kitchen and Tolix Chairs,  Dining Table and Fireplace from ARIA, MUDHONEY accessories and so on. I hope you like this room as much as I do. I had fun putting it together and this is the final post from the new Apartment! The doors shall be opened TOMORROW (Wednesday) until Saturday! I shall post the time and landmark here on my blog either tonight or tomorrow AM so you don’t miss where to find it. All of the rooms you have seen blogged over the last few days are all part of it, so feel free to come and take a closer look if you have some spare time.

Hope you get inspired and Happy Decorating! ❤


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