A Little Teaser

These last couple of weeks have been busy. A lot of changes in my SLife, all good ones, which have resulted in me having to change  a few things around. One of them being my work with Apple Fall now. Anyway, this post is not about that, it’s about a little treat which I shall be opening up Thanksgiving Week and thought I would tease you with it a little until then! 

cottage blog_001

cottage blog_002

The Inspiration? Secluded country homes. City boy in the Country. That type of stuff. The outside is a vast and dense forest everywhere you look. A river runs at the back of this peaceful cottage. Stunning grounds, wild animals, and part of the home is a converted chapel! 

cottage blog_003

cottage blog_004

Inside the main part of the house, it is hardly rustic and country…it is modern and fresh. Something that is the complete opposite to what you may feel from the outside and the gardens.

cottage blog_005

I have added a few pics here for you to feast your eyes over. Over the next few weeks I shall blog some more about each area. As i said, this shall be open on Thanksgiving Week! So a little while away yet! 

Hugs all and hope you get inspired! ❤ 



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