The Heart Of The Cottage

I have always viewed The Kitchen as the heart of any home. I think that is partly due to my upbringing and having a family that like to cook and entertain. My Grandma in particular was and still is a massive influence in my life and by spending a lot of time with her, as I still do, it has made me look at life differently. The simple things such as cooking a meal for the family, or even sitting around the dining table with a glass of wine and having my Grandad put some terrible music on. The kitchen is not only a room of great family memories gone and to come, but is also a room filled with love and energy.

kitchen cottage_007

When doing this cottage, I wanted it to feel as isolate and remote as possible. I wanted it to feel like a tiny gem hidden away in a mass of forest. That not only makes it a very relaxing place, but also super duper cozy. The first room you enter inside the cottage is the Kitchen/Dining room and already, you feel at home. 

kitchen cottage_006

kitchen cottage_005

I have pretty much used the same table decoration as I did for The Apartment Open House. I have just changed the Dining Chairs and the actual Dining Table. I kept the decoration because not only do I love it, but I also feel it fits very well in this particular environment. The bursts of colour, the homely feel it evokes. Right next to it, is a giant fireplace against the wall. PERFECT for the cold winter months we are not entering. and just gives it that extra special touch. 

kitchen cottage_002

My Hubby, Rico, loves anything to do with the countryside and the way of life, so making this as Country as possible but still keeping a modern edge was key. One thing that was added which does give it that true country cottage vibe are the beams across the ceiling. Taken from another house, these were added and I think it really completes the room. Adds so much more character in my opinion! 

kitchen cottage_001

This room is a great space to hang out and I often find myself sitting my Avi down on the lounger, looking out of the window into the gardens and feeling very relaxed. 

Hope you like this space and you get inspired! If you have any questions about anything in particular, don’t forget to just drop a comment here at the bottom of this post and I will help as best as I can ❤

21 thoughts on “The Heart Of The Cottage

      • Oh I thought it was from AF but I went there and couldn’t find it anywhere! I’ll check on thr mp. Thank you! I can’t wait to visit the cottage!!

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