A Golden Glow In The Living Room

I love Living Rooms with nice lighting, Especially during the cold months where the glow of the fireplace is a welcome sight in any home!

livng room_006

livng room_001

This is the main Living space inside the Cottage which I shall be opening NEXT WEEK for folks to come and view. I have had a few people already ask me when it opens, so I don’t have an exact date, all I know is it will be sometime next week.

livng room_002

livng room_004

When designing this room, I wanted it to feel very ”City boys in the country”. I watch a show here in the UK called Grand Designs (I’m sure it is done in other countries too) and quite often they feature couples moving from the City to take on something completely different in the middle of the country, yet, they still manage to add that modern twist to it. 

livng room_005

I love old rustic country cottages, don’t get me wrong, but there is something about a modern renovation inside an old building that I love even more. 

livng room_007

livng room_003

The main build of this home is from Poetica, and it is a chapel. This was perfect for our spot in the country! I re did this room and put down sexy marble flooring and furnished in whites, creams and golds. That golden glow from the fireplace and lights really make this big and spacious room feel warm and cosy. Which I think is exactly what a country home SHOULD feel like, no matter the size of it. 

I hope you like this room! As I said, this shall be open with the rest of the house next week, I will post details nearer the time on the blog, so keep a look out! Hope you get inspired and if you have any questions about anything at all, do not hesitate to ask via the comment box below ❤

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