Day One – Hawaiian Adventure!

I smell of chlorine. Just been out for a late night dip in the pool and jacuzzi after dinner. Amazing! I have been to quite a few places in the world, but Hawaii is like no other. I wanted to write in my blog, a write up of each day. To share this special trip myself and my hubby are taking together, and to also keep it as a memory for me.


The flight was long. Did you know it is a longer flight time and distance from Chicago to Honolulu than it is from London to Chicago…I found that out over the last few weeks. So much traveling! But all for good reasons and worthwhile in the end.

We landed in Paradise late this afternoon (Friday) and on the drive to our hotel, I was amazed at the place. So different from anywhere I have been before. The Island of Oahu, from what I have seen of it already, is like a giant Landscape garden. Even the side of the freeway has beautiful trees, plants and bushes. Full of color, whereas the part of the world we have just flown from is dreary, cold and miserable!


The sun was shining and it was a nice 80F! Perfect way to start the week! I have checked the weather for the duration we are here and it all looks good. About the same each day, so hope it stays like that!

It is 10pm now as I write this. Rico is next to me in bed, trying to read his kindle but failing as he keeps falling asleep, and I wanted to write this before going to sleep myself. It has been a long day, but I feel more relaxed than tired. We went out for a night time walk along the beach (as our hotel is right on the ocean front), dipped into the pool and came back up to our room.

Perfect end to a perfect day in an amazing place! I cannot wait for the sun to come up so I can take a load more pictures and see what the place looks like in proper day light!

Night Night ❤


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