Day 2 – Hawaiian Adventure

Today has been another amazing day. We were woken this morning to a beautiful sunrise outside of our window. Was pretty to watch. Although we fell back asleep again right after and woke up a couple of hours later to more glorious sunshine!


I giggled, because a couple of weeks ago I posted on my Facebook that I was a bit nervous about going in the Ocean because it has just never been my thing. Always afraid of what is lurking around my feet…especially when I cannot see the bottom. However today, I was just simply in Island mood I guess…got right in there and it was great! So nice to swim in the Pacific!


We booked a few outings today for next week. Shall be going on a full island tour Monday, we also have Dolphin and Whale scuba diving too! Really looking forward to it! Amazing huh? Last week I was adamant I would not be stepping foot in the I can’t wait to go deep sea diving!

So far, it has been amazing and we have only been here for 24 hours! It is so easy to just slip into the Hawaiian life here and forget about everything else that is going on in life. I’m a news addict, I watch CNN all the time, sometimes all day, and since being here I have not cared at all what is going on in the rest of the world. It just fades away completely and I find that amazing.


Tomorrow shall be another relaxing day no doubt. I already told Rico I want us to take a morning swim in the lagoon when we wake up! We are going to try and wake up for sunrise tomorrow though…let’s see if we actually do though.

We ended the night by having a nice dinner at one of the restaurants in our resort. Perfect view of the sunset. Was a really nice evening! The fish and chips were good too 😛

See you tomorrow ❤


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