Day 3 – Hawaiian Adventure

Another awesome day is coming to a close. Although this is ”Day 3”, it is only our second full day on the island and it was another great one!


The weather was a little cloudier this morning. We got up, had breakfast in on our balcony looking at the mountains and I went down to get an Ice Tea at Starbucks and a walk along the beach. The hotel is awesome because it has it’s own Starbucks…that makes me very happy because I’m an addict! So I had my Ice Tea and took a stroll to my little spot over looking the ocean and sat there relaxing until Rico came to meet me after his shower.


The clouds soon disappeared and it was another hot day. Well, I’m not sure if 85F is considered as ”hot” in Hawaii, but compared to 25F back in Chicago…it is tropical! Was so perfect though. Rico came to pick me up and we took a walk along the ocean front on our way to get some lunch. Pizza to be exact.

After lunch and a nice walk, we found a quiet spot in the lagoon and put two loungers there for some time in the sun. After a while we both took a dip in the water to cool off. As I said yesterday, before we came here I was so nervous about being in the water but now It is hard to get me out of it. Amazing how things change right? Rico said he saw a jellyfish and picked it up in your hand. I still do not believe him to be honest. He did have something in his hand, but I don’t know if he was playing with me or not because he knows I’m terrified of them. I always thought they sting…but he had this one in his hand and said they don’t. I once got stung by a jellyfish in the UK so…I can only imagine what kind of Jellyfish they have here. Anyway, he said it was a jellyfish so…yeah, I was a bit weirded out by that but carried on with my swimming.


All in all, it has been another nice, relaxed day. Tomorrow will be relaxed, however a bit different to the last two. We are leaving our resort at 9am tomorrow morning for a full island tour of Oahu. We shall be going to a lot of landmarks and seeing most of the island via a private bus. We will not be returning to the hotel until 6pm, so a very long day but I think it will be a lot of fun. Quite looking forward to it. Just hope we can wake up in time to catch our ride that’s all!

Alright, well, we are going to watch a movie now and relax before tomorrow! Will see you tomorrow no doubt either on here or Facebook ❤

3 thoughts on “Day 3 – Hawaiian Adventure

  1. Edi all the Islands are brilliant but as you’re on Oahu I’m going to offer some recommendations of places you might want to see, though it clearly sounds like you’re doing just great without them. Well at least 3. Ala Moana Shopping Mall is brilliant, everything from high end (discounted Gucci, Chanel, the real deal) to fabulous kitsch .Try and see a “Wyland Gallery” if the opportunity presents, there’s several, there’s one down at Aloha Tower which also has brilliant shopping, everything from authentic Paniolo (cowboy) hats the straw cool type that Johnny Depp tends to favour, belt buckles, fabulous jeans etc to designer homewares that I know will make you drool. Aloha Tower usually has great live music early evening too. A little further out of Honolulu ( about 20 min taxi ride ) is the Kahala Hotel & Resort which probably has some of the most interesting history on the Island as well as being beautiful (if you don’t love the foyer and chandeliers here I will be shocked, it’s artisan elegance), it was the out of town place enclaves of Hollywood royalty back from the early 1960’s right up to today. Never be surprised to see someone incredibly famous wandering around there like average Joe. I can’t tell you how many amazing people I’ve met there over the years. Quite astounding really. Even lunch down by the pool in one of the mini beach cabana style set ups is an adventure like few others.It’s been through three major shifts in management but I can assure you each time they respected the original design so well that you’re seeing a very sincere representation of the original Hotel.

    Just waiting for you to type Mahalo when you get back Inworld after this incredible trip. All the best to you both. Eliza.

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