Day 5 – Hawaiian Adventure

What I thought would be a simple, relaxed day at the resort, turned into something quite amazing! Amazing for me anyway, because I have never experienced anything like it before.

After getting up, we walked down to the lagoon, got some sun loungers and got our spot in the less crowded corner of the beach. I love it there because the view of the water hitting the rocks is awesome, and because it is so shallow there, you can see all kinds of fish and sea life swimming around from where you sit. It’s awesome!


Today while me and Rico were swimming, I jumped as a turtle swam right in front of my face. So close and so unexpected! I was mainly looking at the colorful fish but this thing took me by complete surprise. It seemed quite big at first, but couldn’t really tell. After a few minutes, I still could not see it, so climbed out of the water onto the rocks. It was feeding off of the rocks and just…relaxing is the only way I could describe it. Every now and again it would swim away, but would always come back. Little did people know, it was swimming right by them, as I could see it from the rocks quite clearly!


I managed to get some photos of it. I have attached two here! It was one of the coolest things I have ever experienced and has so got me pumped and excited for our Dolphin and Whale Watching tomorrow followed by scuba diving! I cannot wait, and this is coming from someone who before this trip, did not like to go in the ocean. Ask Rico, it is hard to get me out of it now!

This evening, we went to an event called FIA FIA, which is a celebration of the Pacific Islands. It was out on the great lawn and it was the perfect night for it. Warm, but with a nice breeze that made the humidity feel more comfortable. Lots of people attended the event, and we all had our own seating arrangement on tables that we shared with about, ten people or so. Nice people! We sat next to a couple from Southern California and we had a nice time. We all ate traditional Hawaiian food outside and watched the entertainment. This included Fire Dancing and other traditional dances from the pacific islands.


Towards the end of the show, Me and Rico got called up on stage with a few other men from the audience to perform some sort of dance. I cannot remember the name of it, but basically, we had to put both hands in the air and shake our hips. It was fun and I think we did quite well hehe!

All in all, another awesome day in our Hawaiian Adventure! What was thought to be a simple, quiet and relaxed day turned out to be full of amazing and unexpected events! Loved it! Tomorrow we go and sea the dolphins! See you then ❤

2 thoughts on “Day 5 – Hawaiian Adventure

  1. This is FANTASTIC! I would love to see a turtle in the wild, they’re awesome critters! Glad you’re having a great time, looking forward to hearing about the Dolphin and Whale watching!

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