Day 6 – Hawaiian Adventure

Well what can I say about today other than it has been eventful to say the least! It was an early 7.15am rise, shower and out to meet our mini van which took us to go Dolphin and Whale spotting with some snorkeling afterwards. It was totally perfect weather for it too, hardly a cloud in the sky and we could really feel the heat from the sun.

On the catamaran and ready to go, we started talking to a cute couple from North Dakota I think they said they were from. Nice couple, the lady was celebrating her birthday so this was part of her gift! One thing that I have found over here in Hawaii is that everyone is so friendly. Whether they are native Hawaiian’s or visitors, everyone gets along and enjoys the place together, and I love that!


After about a 45 minute ride to the north west of Oahu, there they were. About 4 groups of Dolphins! It was such an awesome and pretty site. Apparently they were sleeping…I find it amazing that this is how they sleep. It is not my first time seeing Dolphins in the wild though. I have seen them before when visiting my Grandparents when they lived in California. Out in Malibu you would see them quite often, but this was the closest I have been to wild ones, so it was pretty neat to experience that. Check out the video above (Best viewed in HD).

This is where it starts to go a bit downhill, for me anyway haha. Sea Sickness. I felt ROUGHHHHHH! I felt worse just after we had seen the Dolphins and we began heading to the snorkeling site, about another 30 minute ride. I had to go and sit in the back of the boat because I just felt awful. Warning, TMI coming! I threw up over the back of the boat, which I was happy about because I felt a little better once I got it out of my system. I was not the only one either, a couple of others also felt the affects. A nice young couple came over and gave me some kind of motion sickness tablet to help me, which was nice of them.


Finally we arrived at the snorkeling site and what first got my attention was how deep yet, clear the water was. You could see the fish from the boat just by looking down, it was really cool! The backdrop was amazing too. The mountains of the island, the greenery, the blue ocean…was just the perfect setting for this! I was happy to get off the boat and out at sea, was a good chance to cool off and see some awesome fish…turtles and even eel! Warning, TMI ahead! But unfortunately…after about 15 minutes, I wanted to head back to the boat because I was getting sick again. The motion sickness hit me as I was moving in the waves..ugh…on the way back I began throwing up again. Haha, it was really awful, and I couldn’t really enjoy this outing as much as I really should have done, but at least I saw the amazing dolphins and went in the water for a bit and experienced it! So I was happy…was just…glad it was over!

Right now, we are back in our room. It is 9.15 and we just had a nice dinner. Seated outside, we could feel the cool ocean breeze. Perfect! Tomorrow will be out final FULL DAY in Hawaii before we head back to the bitter cold and snow of Chicago! Kind of looking forward to heading back now though. We miss the kitties, however, I will be sad to leave here. It has been an amazing experience. We fly home on Friday night, so we really still have 2 days yet, because we do not leave the hotel until 5pm on the Friday. So a lot more yet to come! Can’t wait to see what I have to write in the next two entries of this Hawaiian Adventure ❤

One thought on “Day 6 – Hawaiian Adventure

  1. Awww, Don’t feel bad I get seasick during sailing season too …. I have to start the season on motion sickness pills too .. by the end of the season I don’t need them any more … once I got so seasick I also threw up in a bucket then ended up stepping in the bucket ewwww … then said the heck with it all and jumped off the boat and swam to shore LOL 😀 Still looked like fun seeing all the wildlife in the ocean!! ❤

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