Day 7 – Hawaiian Adventure

Well today is our final full day in Hawaii. It has been an amazing trip, adventure with so many unique experiences, we both however are ready to go home to Snowy Chicago now though. We miss the kitties.

The cool thing really is, tomorrow we still kind of have another day, because we do not leave for the airport until just after 4pm, as our flight is an evening one. So at least in the morning until late afternoon we can still relax around the pool or on the beach until we are ready to go. Sounds good to me 😀


I was going to write down my highlights of the vacation but I have so many. Each day brought new experiences that I never anticipated before we came here. Swimming in the lagoon in front of our hotel and spotting a giant turtle swim by is certainly one of them. The little things like that we the special times for me. The weather has also been awesome, so that of course is a plus for this time of year!


I have taken so many photos on my phone. The ones that have been posted on my Facebook and blog each day is a small fraction compared to what I have stored in my gallery. I tried to take as many as possible, videos too. I say this is a once in a lifetime adventure, but we are already talking about coming back next year maybe, or even going somewhere else like the Caribbean! You never know what the future brings, so I believe it is always best to treat it like it is the last time you will see it, that way you get the most out of it all.


Rico is suffering with water clogged ears from too much swimming. Hope that cures soon! Other than that, it has been a nice, slow, relaxed day and I am sure tomorrow will be the same before we jet off back home. Hope you have enjoyed reading my daily posts here. I know it is not my usual type of blog, but the idea came to me before we came out here that I should document this trip somewhere, and this seemed like the perfect place. Plus, it is always nice to share it with my friends.

Have a nice night and I will see you when we get back home! ❤


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