A Project That May Interest You!


I’m going to try not to make this sound like an ad you see in a newspaper, but hopefully it may be something that grabs your interest and you would like to be a part of!

I have been sitting on something that I’ve wanted to do for a while and now, I feel it is the right time. A new year is approaching, which for me means new projects and new adventures.

Each day, I go to my flickr and my Love To Decorate page and see so many wonderful pictures and interior designs that inspire me. I learn about new talents and new stores each and every day which is an amazing thing.

I am currently looking to put together a small team of people who have the same interests as me. People who Love Decorating, People who love looking at great decorations/landscapes, and those who appreciate impeccable designs and the creativity that Second Life allows us to produce. 

If you are would consider yourself one of those people and would like to join in on this exciting project that shall be launching soon, please contact me (Editorial Clarity) for more information inworld and I will be happy to provide it.

Thank Youuu! ❤


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