Show Us Your Cozy!

It is the season, where many of us like to snuggle up in our homes, put the fireplace on and gaze at the snowfall through the window.

cozy room_001

Personally, I love Winter and I love the cold weather. I love being able to go out in the cold and then come home to a nice, warm and cozy home to relax in. It is one of the best feelings. In the summer, we can’t really do that. It is one of the things that makes Winter time pretty and magical in my eyes.

cozy room_002

In Second Life I love Cozy rooms. A fireplace in any home can make the entire space and be the focal point. I have blogged this room before, just tweaked it a little bit but it fits perfect with what this post is about!

fire glow

”Show Us Your Cozy”. What is it? Well, yesterday I sent out a notice on the Love To Decorate Magazine Facebook Page basically asking for others to send in photos of their warm, inviting and cozy rooms in their Second Life Homes! This can be ANY room, it just has to be the one you feel is your favorite and the perfect place to relax during the cold months that we are in.

home office

I will be posting the images on our Facebook Page, but the best ones that are selected will be featured in our premier issue of the LTD Magazine in January 2014! Really would love to see your pictures!


On the image, it says to send them to the LTD Facebook, but as all of you are not on Facebook, you can also send them to me in Second Life too via Notecard (Editorial Clarity). Deadline to send them is JANUARY 13TH 2014, so plenty of time yet!

Hugs all and I look forward to seeing your cozy rooms! ❤

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