A New Element For A New Year

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you all had a great night, whatever you did!

I’m constantly playing around with homes and furniture in Second Life and I have been wanting to give a brand new feel to our current cottage home, without actually changing it completely. I do love the comfortable and warm feeling of this place, so tearing it up would be a shame.



Instead, I decided to remove the river and rock face that was originally at the rear of the house, and create a small beach. This change has really made it feel more open and allowed me to do an extension on our sun room and create a separate, more relaxed living space with an ocean view!



One of the great bonuses with this room besides the Ocean View, is the untouched forest which hides the house, giving it a secluded and private vibe. A variety of nature surrounds the property both back and front. Whether it is a stunning unspoiled ocean view or lush gardens and trees. It really has he best of both worlds!


A Calm and casual feeling throughout, both the indoor spaces and outdoor patio dining area are nice places to relax and although these are simple changes, it really gives the home a whole new ambiance.


A happy new space for a happy new year.

If you have any questions about anything at all in this post, please comment below and I will help you as best as possible. Hope you get inspired ❤

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