Catching Up With You All!

Hi Everyone! I’m so sorry it has been a bit quiet here lately, it has just been a bit MAD busy over the last few weeks.

garden time_002

A lot of you may know that on Thursday, I was a very proud guy because we released the first issue of Love To Decorate – The Magazine. This was kind of a last minute thing, we had 3 weeks to work on it from concept to publishing and I could not have been happier with what we produced for you all. I hope if you have read it, you enjoyed it too.

The majority of my time in Second Life is going to spend with LTD. Not only the magazine production, but the daily content on the website, our marketing on social networks and so much more. Although it has been busy, we have had a few challenges, it is also a lot of fun and a dream come true for me, personally.

The idea of Love To Decorate Magazine came in early 2013 actually. My husband, Rico, always said I should start doing a magazine but I was just not sure about it. I don’t know what it was…I guess part of me was worried about doing it alone and nobody would ever read it anyway. What was the point? It wasn’t until a few months later, talking to my best friend Apple Fall, that something clicked. He was also planning to do a magazine and it just made sense for us to do it together. With the help of Rico, Apple and also my long time friend Shae Sixpence, we could finally get a product off the ground!

In the space of a month, we managed to put together a wonderful team of Photographers, Writers and Interior Stylists to join us and create a one of a kind publication. I think they thought I was a bit crazy, as I only gave them 3 weeks to complete everything on the first issue as I was very strict about it being released on January 23rd. It just made sense to release it in January and not February. Luckily, everything went to plan and everything was completed on time!

Now the Mag is out there and people are enjoying it…can we relax? No, not really. We have tons of things coming up and very soon we will begin work on our March/April issue, which will be even better than the first!

I will be coming here to my blog now and then when I get some free time, but seriously, I urge you if you haven’t already, head over to LTD and subscribe. You won’t ever miss a piece of decor news again, I promise!

I would like to thank you all for the support you gave me and my team members for the first issue and I really cannot wait to provide you with more from LTD.

– Edi

One thought on “Catching Up With You All!

  1. Congratulations on a spectacular premier, the whole team did beautiful work. Thank you so much for selecting my cozy entry as one of the ones featured. I’m deeply honored and eager to see more from LTD!

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