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The last couple of weeks have been busy, but productive and great! We have begun work on the next issue of Love To Decorate Magazine and I cannot wait for it to be released. I’m probably the most impatient person you would meet..I want it now now now! But no, seriously, will be really good and worth the wait I think!


Besides the Magazine work, I have always been getting some things together for APPLE FALL and releases for 2014. I’m excited. I really want us to do something different and unique this year, something that changes the style of SL and the way people live in it.

I also created a new entire home interior for the upcoming issue of LTD. The magazine will be released on MARCH 23RD, but I have posted two preview shots of the interior on the LTD Website, so thought I would share them here too with my followers.

Entertainment Room

Entertainment Room

I am happy that Winter is coming to an end for us here in the Northern Hemisphere. I have spent the winter with my hubby in Chicago and I can tell you, it has been a nightmare. Cold doesn’t even BEGIN to describe it and as for the snow, sick of the sight of the stuff!

The mood of Spring really inspired me for this house and the entire theme for our next issue of LTD. Bringing the colour back into our lives. The greenery, the plants, flowers and much more.

Roof Garden

Roof Garden

I can’t wait to show the rest off. Please don’t abandon my blog here, I am updating whenever I get time. As I said in my previous posts, my time is quite limited now but I will never quit doing my own personal blog and posting my own decor pieces. I am still glad that you can read through past projects and still be inspired by them, that is great!

Thanks a lot everyone and also, I hope you all have a happy Valentines Day



One thought on “Decor Decor Decor

  1. This is the best blog when I want to get inspired to decorate my place. Really, you are awesome! Thanks and keep with the great job!!!

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