The Gardens of The Cypress Estate

LTD Cypress 5

To get you in the mood for Spring/Summer and the better weather ahead, I’m happy to bring you another post on Homes & Gardens, this time focussing more on the outdoor spaces of THE CYPRESS ESTATE.

house entrance2

LTD Cypress 7

What is THE CYPRESS ESTATE? It is a private home and the prefab used is by ANGEL MANOR (builder Kaya Angel). Giving the vibe of a Luxury Mediterranean estate with lots of flowers, topiaries and a must have swimming pool to enjoy the glorious sunshine. In the mood for hot weather yet?

LTD Cypress 4

LTD Cypress 3

The gardens feature many different seating areas, after all, what is the point of a great garden if you don’t sit out and enjoy it? The name CYPRESS ISLAND/ESTATE comes from the use of many Cypress Trees around the grounds bought from 3D TREES and FOREST FLOOR.

LTD Cypress 2

LTD Cypress

LTD Cypress 6

house entrance

We hope this little post gets you in the mood for SPRING/SUMMER weather! This is also a little teaser for what we are going to be doing in the next issue of LTD Magazine in May. Get back into the garden and enjoy it!


If you want to know where to get a particular item you see in any of the images above, please leave a comment or contact Editorial Clarity in world.


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