*About Me*

Second Life has always been a precious platform close to my heart. It has given me the ability to be creative and showcase work to people from across the world. It has enabled me to meet and make friends with people from countries that I never would have expected to know somebody from. I have tought myself many things whilst being a Resident of this online world, many of which shall stay with me throughout the rest of my life.

In September 2012 I shall begin my Creative Media & Interior Design Courses. Both of these subjects are major passions of mine and I cannot wait to see how it will kick-start my life and seeing where it takes me.

Picture of me – August 2012

From a young age, I have shown signs of keen interest in homes and decorating. My grandparents are the type of people who move quite often, so each time they would go and view houses they would always take me along with them, because they knew I loved it. I’m lucky to say that I have done quite a lot during my time in Second Life. More than I ever imagined and I cherish each of those memories. From June 2012, I shall be focusing my Second Life on my passion for Interiors and Homes. This doesn’t mean I won’t have any interest in any other area, because I will. As far as my hobby/work goes on the grid, I am diving into Interior Design, something I love, enjoy and feel I am skilled at. 

Right now, I am loving both lives and I can’t ask for more than that. I hope you enjoy my blog, my work and just generally browsing through what is kinda my entire SLife, in one website. 

Some of my work is listed below:

▶UrWorld Community – www.urworldsl.wordpress.com

▶UrWorld Video Productions – http://urworldsl.wordpress.com/urworld-tv/

▩NEXT BOOK: Femme Fatale (Coming Soon)▩

▶STAND4LOVE Co-Founder



★BOSLradio Takeover Host
★Claim The Fame (Metaverse TV) Host
★Metaverse TV News Co-Presenter
★Styling Forward – Metaverse TV (Host)
★Mr/Miss Virtual World 2011 Host
★BOSL Fashion Week 2011 Host
★Outrageous Glamour Host
★BOSL Awards (Metaverse TV) Host
★Miss Bliss Couture 2011 Host
★Miami Fashion Week 2011 Host
★Passion Fashion Agency Host


Since over a year ago, my blog has made the transition into an Interiors blog only and I’m loving every minute of it! My SLife basically consists of decorating now whenever I am online, it is something I really enjoy and I’m having a blast doing. 

Want to hire me? Sometimes I accept jobs sometimes I don’t. If you want more information on how to hire me, just contact me inworld ❤


One thought on “*About Me*

  1. Very interesting Editorial! Its nice to know a little about the person behind the avatar. You have accomplished alot of wonderful things in Second Life and you should be very proud of yourself!

    Take Care

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