ENZO CHAMPAGNE of CHAMPAGNE! SPARKLING FASHIONS has become one of the hottest new photographers on the grid. Starting out by taking photos of some SL Models, he is now someone MANY want a picture from! Me and my husband were lucky, as around 2 weeks Enzo took 3 separate photos of us each and put them together into these amazing pieces of art!

Enzo clearly has a great talent for this and I highly recommend getting a photo done by the guy if you ever get chance or are looking to explore new photographers from the ones you usually use. Enzo is a dear friend above all, So I wanted to share these images of myself and Rico to showcase what this special Frenchman can do!

These type of photos really are special I believe for anyone in Second Life who is a couple. They show the love, and I believe Enzo is a master at capturing that in his images. And its not just these images, it’s all of the others he has done. Feel free to check out his Flickr stream HERE and see for yourself! This is for my husband also. Love You ❤

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