(LTD) Romance In The Bedroom

ltd bedroom decor_001


The Bedroom, the most personal space in any home. It reflects the personality of the person or couple that spend each night in the room. This Bedroom was created on the upper levels of The Converted Chapel home by Poetica. The greatest feature in this entire space is the balcony. A bedroom with a balcony is not only a luxury, but such a romantic touch that loved up couples would certainly appreciate.

ltd bedroom decor_002

ltd bedroom decor_004

A few edits were done in the space before furniture was placed. Two walls were built either side of the room, filled by book cases from MudHoney, a Television by The Loft and a Fireplace from Vandelo. Although doing this makes the room a little smaller, it gives you more options on how to furnish and make it your own as the walls originally are slanted.

ltd bedroom decor_005

Color and lighting is key in any space, and although this room has a balcony, there are no windows. The only light you get if the balcony doors are closed is from the Fireplace, Antler Chandelier by ReBourne and additional candles. The candles added into this interior are from NotSoBad.

ltd bedroom decor_006

Keeping the color alive in the furniture with two great chairs by MudHoney in Yellow, a bed by Trompe L’oeil and some plant life to bring some greenery into the space, all from Vandelo. Behind the bed is a colorful wall. This was created using simple prims and textured using a rug texture from LS. Not only does this add extra life, it is an interesting feature and sure to be a focal point.

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